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What is a WILL

A WILL is a declaration or the person’s last instruction. A WILL only takes effect when the person is DEAD.

What happens if a person dies without a will

When there is no Will written, the Law will decide the distribution of your assets according the Malaysian Distribution Act 1958 (amended in 1997). This will cause delay due to the legal process, potential legal conflicts, family disputes and high legal costs involved. When you have a written Will, it will eliminate unnecessary legal costs and faster processing time as the Grant of Probate can be obtained within a few months as opposed to the Letter of Administration under the law which could take a few years to execute.  In summary, problems arises without a Will

  1. Insecure future for family & loved ones
  2. No control over distribution of assets
  3. Assets will be frozen and incur unnecessary delay
  4. Additional Unnecessary Cost incur to unfreeze the asset

What is the difference with a Will & without a Will ?

There are three main differences

  1. Control: With a Will, you are in control on who is the beneficiary. Without a Will, you are not in control. It will be distributed based on Syariah Law (muslim) or Distribution Act 1958
  2. Time: With a Will, the time taken to unfreeze the asset is shorter (6 months – 1 year). Without a Will, the time taken will be longer (2 years or more)
  3. Cost: With a Will, the cost involved to unfreeze the asset is lesser. Without a Will, the cost involved will be higher and incur unnecessary cost.

Who can make a Will?

Anyone who has attained the legal age of 18 years and above can make a Will.

Who are the important people in my Will ?

  1. Beneficiary – those who will inherit your asset
  2. Executor – those who will execute your Will
  3. Trustee – those who will hold your assets on behalf of you
  4. Guardian – those who will be responsible for your children’s support, health & education

What are the cost involve for writing my Will ?

Rockwills Will Writing Fee Schedule

Types of Will Clauses Fees
Basic Up to 10 RM 480
Intermediate I 11 – 14 RM 600
Intermediate II 15 – 18 RM 750
Comprehensive I 19 – 21 RM 900
Comprehensive II 22 – 24 RM 1100
Comprehensive III 25 – 27 RM 1300
Exclusive I 28 – 30 RM 1600
Exclusive II 31 – 33 RM 1900
Exclusive III Above 33 RM 2200 – RM 18000

What are the reasons for re-writing your WILL?

  1. Change of Marital Status (either married, divorced or widowed)
  2. Change of your witness, executor’s and guardian’s status (migrate, death, relationship breakdown, bankrupt)
  3. Change of mind regarding your beneficiaries. Addition to the family (grandchildren)
  4. Substantial increase of wealth (started a business, purchased properties)

Rockwills Will Re-Writing Fee Schedule

No of amendments Fees
1 – 3 RM 380
4 – 6 RM 500
7 – 9 RM 650
10 – 12 RM 800
13 – 15 RM 1000
16 – 18 RM 1200
19 – 21 RM 1500
22 – 25 RM 1800
Above 26 RM 2100 – RM 18000


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