Rockwills Franchise Business Opportunity

Why Join Evanna’s Group ?
  • Most Number of Professional Firms associated with Our Group
  • 1,100 hours of FREE Online Training.

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Why Join Rockwills Franchise Business Opportunity ?

For those who wishes a career switch from current job,

  • Increase Income from Joining a Profession with Less Competition
  • Involve in a career that is noble and caring

For insurance agents, unit trust agents, financial planners,

  • Upgrade Clientele Market to Mid-High Networth Clients
  • Consolidate Current Clientele if you are in financial planning industry

For company secretaries, accountants, audit firms, law firms

  • Value Add to Existing Clientele if you are in professional service industry

For corporate mothers who wish to take care of their children while able to have their own career,

  • Enjoy Flexibility: Work From Home and Part Time Basis

Features of Rockwills Franchise License?

  • A 5-Year Franchise fee of RM2,788 inclusive of 4 Days Will & Trust Training & Exam Fee, 5 years Professional Indemnity Insurance and Rockwills Business Solution membership; Renewal is RM1,800 for another 5 years

Alternatively, you can join us as

  • Sub Professional Estate Planner (RM1,288 – 5 years)
  • Personal Assistant (RM688 one time off)
  • Rockwills Business Solution Member (RM200 per year).

How to Join in for Rockwills Franchise License ?

  • Attend 4 full days intensive Will and Trust Training
  • Sit and Pass the Will and Trust Examination on the 4th day
  • Sign Rockwills Franchise Agreement
Rockwills Franchisee Commission
  • 55% of Will Writing Fees RM 380 -RM 18,000
  • 50% of Will Translation RM 152 – RM 7,200
  • 35% of Annual Will Custody RM100
  • 25% of Lifetime RM1,188
  • 40% of Executor Appointment Fee RM120 40%
  • 30% of Uprepare Diamond Package RM1800
  • 30% of Estate Administration Fee 0.5% – 1.8%
  • 40% of Trust Setup Fee RM 1,000 -RM 18,000
  • 30% of Trust Administration Fee 0.25% – 0.75%
  • 10% of Offshore Company Setup Fee USD 1,950 – USD 3,000
  • 8% Offshore Company Management Fee UDS 1,260 – USD 2,500
Rockwills Advisory Commission:
* Total advisory fee collected excludes what you earn from product fees
  • 40% of Advisory Fee

plus NEW
• Year-end CASH BONUS of 5% payable when total advisory fee* collected from 1st January till 31st December exceeds RM50,000; or
• Year-end CASH BONUS of 10% payable when total advisory fee* collected from 1st January till 31st December exceeds RM100,000.

  • 1st Tier Overriding Commission: 6%;
  • 2nd Tier Overriding Commission: 4%

Referral Commission Structure

  • 20% of Will-writing
  • 20% of Custody
  • 30% of Executor Appointment
  • 15% of Private Trust (excluding BVPT)
  • Estate/Trust Administration
    • 20% 1st Year
    • 15% Thereafter
  • 15% of UPrepare
  • 8% of Business Value Protection Trust (BVPT)
  • 20% of Estate Planning Advisory
Why Join Evanna’s Group ?
  • Most Number of Professional Firms associated with Evanna’s Group
  • 1,100 hours of FREE Online Training.
 Online Training Platform (Only available if you join franchisee in Evanna's Group)
1,100 Hours of FREE Online Training (Only available if you join franchisee in Evanna’s Group)
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