Rockwills Annual Convention 2012

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Rockwills Event: Rockwills Annual Convention2012

  • Date: 2 Mar 2012 (Friday)
  • Time: 9am-5pm (Speaker invited by Rockwills Sharing) 730pm-11pm (Rockwills Annual Dinner)
  • Venue: Sunway Resort Hotel
  • Topics: Rockwills Business Updates, Rockwills Award Presentation, Rockwills MD and CEO speech, Rockwills Invited Speaker from Singapore and Canada

This is the 2nd time Rockwills had organized such an international event. We started with a light breakfast and at 930am sharp, Mr. Saw Leong Aun (Rockwills Group MD) gave the opening speech followed by Mr. Low Wan Gem (Rockwills Malaysia CEO) giving Rockwills Business Updates to 500 Rockwills Franchisees.

There were also award presentation in between. Lunch time started from 12:30 noon – 1:30 pm, buffet style. The afternoon session 1:30pm, Mr. Lee Chiwi (Rockwills Singapore CEO) share on Offshore Trust structure. Then followed by Rockwills Invited Speaker from Canada, Ms Millie and Mr. Otto-Hans sharing on Holistic Global Estate Planning from 3pm – 430pm.

There’s a short break to freshen up to prepare for the Rockwills gala dinner from 730pm – 1130pm. Mr. Saw (Rockwills Group MD) and Mr. Johari (Rockwills Chairman) gave their opening speech followed by dance, award presentation and a 10 course dinner. I booked two tables for my downlines.

After having a family with two young children, I tend not to stay after 9pm for dinners and functions (exception for the Jimmy Choo dinner, my high school friend’s wedding dinner or dinner set up by my closest best friends to talk about nonsense & gossips 😛 ). So, I left early taking away loads of valuable knowledge with us. oh, and a CD on some copywrited Rockwills Video that we can use to benefit our business. TQ Rockwills for great organization of this mega event. Looking forward to attend again next year !

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Rockwills Convention 2012

Rockwills Convention 2012 - Rockwills Chairman gave the opening speech during Rockwills Annual Dinner

Rockwills Convention 2012

Rockwills Convention 2012 - Rockwills CEO sharing on Rockwills Business Updates

Rockwills Convention 2012

Rockwills Convention 2012 - Beginning of event








Rockwills Convention 2012

Rockwills Convention 2012 - During Lunch Break

Rockwills Convention 2012

Rockwills Convention 2012 - During Convention about 500 attendees

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