Offshore Company Formation Seminar Summary Report

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Topics: Dealing with BVI Company Shares Upon Death: A Survey of Options for Smooth Succession

Speaker: Mr. Lee Chiwi (CEO of Rockwills Singapore)

Details: Without question, the BVI as an offshore jurisdiction has been a resounding success. Since the enactment of the International Business Companies Act 1984 (replaced by the Business Companies Act 2004), about one million offshore companies have been incorporated with over 457,000 active companies today as of September 2011. Many thousands of these companies that were set up in the last few

decades, today have ageing shareholders who may not have planned for or even thought about the succession of their company shares. The result of not planning for succession can be troublesome ranging from loss of confidentiality and costly probate (a rule of thumb suggests a cost of 2% of asset value) to uncertainty among family members how company shares should be distributed.
This seminar discusses the array of options available for succession.
Despite the technical nature of the topic, the speakers are able to deliver this important topic in an accessible and easy-to-understand manner. You do not have to have a technical or legal background to attend this seminar. Note that even if you do not deal with BVI company shares, you will learn solutions that are relevant to the company shares of other jurisdictions like Bermuda, Seychelles and even Singapore.

Target Audience: Business Owners of Offshore Companies and Company Secretaries who helped clients setup Offshore Companies

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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012 event

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